How to Reconcile Lazada Sales with Xero

We use Xero that’s synced with our Inventory Management Software DEAR Systems. This is our workflow for reconciling Lazada sales with our bank statements.

  1. All sales in Lazada are created as invoices in DEAR. The report that we use from Lazada can be found under Finance -> Account Statements -> Transaction Overview
  2. Select the date range and export the report. Filter out for items under “Item Price Credit”. Note to self: invoiced value = selling price after discounts
  3. We use an invoice template and upload the details into DEAR
  4. This in turn is synced to Xero
  5. Once the monthly bank statements have been uploaded, that’s when the reconciliation states.
  6. In the Xero reconcile screen, find all the invoices that falls within that payment period
  7. The total amount from the invoices should be more than the amount paid out. This is correct.
  8. The difference between the invoiced value and the amount paid is attributed to the following:
    • Lazmall Commission (inc. GST)
    • Shipping (inc. GST)
    • Payment fees (inc. GST)
    • Other price/invoice/refund discrepancies
  9. While still in Xero, simply enter the difference under Adjustments -> Bank Fee
  10. We have an account called “Merchant Fees” to park all these expenses under.

That’s it!

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