Why work with Being Kids?

Being Kids excels in the toys and gifts industry. We have ongoing relationships with over 75 point-of-stores in Singapore that we can reach out to distribute your product. In addition to our distribution footprint, the team has accumulated decades of distribution experience to advise on branding, visual merchandising, pricing, packaging and logistics.

Being Kids isn’t just a “traditional distributor”. Natures Collection, operating under Being Kids, is present in numerous online marketplaces and niche e-commerce websites. We also own a suite of social media profiles and email accounts that help with content amplification and distribution.

We understand that to transition to a “Distribution 2.0” model, the team needs to not only have traditional distribution experience but also understanding how technology and the internet can drive sales. This means understanding the need for a modern marketing mix that involves SEO, SEM, Analytics, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Demand Generation, Lead Nurturing, Account Based Marketing.

As a new brand entering the Singapore market, it’s important to have a consistent brand message and positioning on the internet. As such, we will create the following digital properties that controls how your brand is perceived in the market. They include:

  1. Registration of a local domain
  2. Fully functional e-commerce website
  3. Google+ Business Profile
  4. Youtube Profile
  5. Content Calendar including the following content mediums:
    1. Blog posts
    2. Social media posts
    3. Video content (if relevant)
  6. Facebook Profile
  7. Instagram Profile

If you are a brand principal in the toys and gifts industry, do get in contact and let’s have a chat.